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Conneting Mind Body Soul

Through movement, breath and focus allowing the union of mind, body and soul. Feel your attention change and open to grace

Combining postural alignment with meditation, giving space for your mind to focus on you. Bringing an entire experience to the moment

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About Jeanette

I started practicing yoga in 1999, Sivananda Style and started Teachers Training in 2000 (Ishta Yoga). A different world started opening, deeper sense of feeling. Melting away the numbness to the world and myself.

I trained in many different styles of yoga and I aim to draw the best from all the different styles and teach ease of movement that occurs with correct thought, focus and alignment.

Having a strong connection to energetic work I developed a personal method of healing with an inner spiritual teacher and guide, called connective healing. I am inspired by the connection of spirit to share my experiences and continue growing and expanding with every experience of teaching.

Welcome to Connective Healing

Opening to the upper realms and allow healing to happen

Guiding you into a deep state of relaxation to fascilitate the channeling of harmony, peace and love.

In the returning to who we truly are, love, we allow all to come to balance, health.