Yoga Mats


Trojan 10mm yoga mats. Soft on the knees, non-slip, light and durable. Bi-coloured yoga mat, soft and non-slip, kind to your yoga practice. Light and well priced, perfect for a beginner yogi

Weight 2 Kgs
Colour Bi-coloured, pink and grey
Size 173 cm x 61 cm
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Yoga Mat Bag


Designed to carry more than just a yoga mat and for bigger yoga mats with bigger circumference for more convenience. Pockets for extras.

Keeping your yoga mat ready for quick grabbing convenience. Broader circumference bag for easier packaging. No squeezing and struggling anymore. Cylindrical easy to carry over one shoulder or across the body. Pocket for additional storage of wallet, cellphone, carkeys

Fabric Strong upholstery material
Colour Many fabrics, patterns & colours available
Dimensions 24 × 180 cm

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Yoga Mats
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Yoga Mat Bag